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P2PConnect is a mobile app that’s changing the way people think about clean energy. By connecting users through a blockchain-secured trading platform, P2PConnect allows producers and consumers to buy and sell clean energy on their terms. Through IoT technology and big data analytics, P2PConnect makes it efficient and convenient to trade renewable energy. But as a prospective user or investor, it is important to understand what makes P2PConnect a trustworthy and secure platform for these transactions.

The answer lies with blockchain. Most commonly known as the technology underwriting cryptocurrency, blockchain is actually a system of verification that produces “decentralized consensus”. When a transaction happens, independent nodes in a network of participants verify the data before the “block” is added to the “chain”. Because the verification is multi-origin, blockchain systems are incredibly unlikely targets for tampering. With decentralized consensus, strength in numbers keeps transaction data safe and accurate for users.

Figure 1. A model demonstration of the P2PConnect blockchain-secured solar microgrid trading platform.

Power2Peer is quickly approaching the conclusion of our Regulation CF crowdfunding campaign with StartEngine. Don’t miss your opportunity to support green energy development in its early stages! Secure a financial stake in the transition from carbon fuel to renewable energy. With the security of blockchain on its side, P2PConnect is equipped to become the app-based clean energy marketplace the world needs to achieve a carbon-neutral future.

Join the clean energy revolution today!

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