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Top Japanese Utility Develops Blockchain Tech for Solar Trading

Kepco partners with ‘blockchain 2.0’ developer for peer-to-peer solar research Japan’s second largest electric utility has announced a second blockchain project for which they are commencing research. Earlier this year, Kansai Electric Power Co., or Kepco, teamed up with the Australian energy blockchain success story Power Ledger to explore possibilities of the new technology. Now, […]

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P2PConnect App: Your Entry to the Blockchain-Secured Energy Marketplace

Power2Peer is excited to announce that under the supervision and guidance of Power2Peer founder Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (ScD, MIT), the Power2Peer software team has successfully created a blockchain-secured trading platform. P2PConnect combines the latest blockchain technology with artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, big data analytics, and solar microgrids, integrated in one easy-to-use mobile […]

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Power2Peer: Investment With A Purpose
Solar Houses

With the introduction of blockchain-enabled adaptive solar microgrid networks, Power2Peer is turning people on to a new era of energy consumption. Decentralized solar microgrid networks mean that when the central utility grid goes down, power is still available. With blockchain peer-to-peer trading, individuals and communities gain the independence to decide where their energy comes from […]

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Update: Demonstration of Software Defined Network Controller for Solar Microgrids

Power2Peer reaches important milestone A team of engineers under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Nish Sonwalkar, (ScD, MIT) founder and chief scientist for Power2peer, has reached an important milestone, successfully demonstrating the efficacy of the Software Defined Network (SDN) controller for the Advanced Solar Microgrid. This is a crucial element of creating the resilient […]

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As Temperatures Go Up, Mental Health Trending Down, Scientists Say

Study: extreme weather becoming predictor of negative mental health outcomes As modern people, it can be easy to forget the role external environment plays in our well-being. Yet as the winter solstice approaches, millions will experience symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, a condition triggered by fluctuations in light and temperature. The “gloomy rainy day” is, […]

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Power2Peer Brings Blockchain Buzz to Back Bay

Blockchain buzz reached the heart of Boston’s Back Bay on Tuesday, as Power2Peer hosted another successful WeWork event focused on the future of energy distribution. Following an introductory networking session and the arrival of pizza, moderator and Power2Peer Founder/Chief Evangelist Dr. Nish Sonwalkar approached the podium to provide a brief overview of the central concepts […]

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Event: Solar Microgrids for Decentralized Power Systems: A Blockchain Application

Power2Peer Inc. Energy Blockchain Fireside Chat: Solar Microgrids for Decentralized Power Systems: A Blockchain Application Date:                October 9th, 2018 Time:                 5 PM – 8 PM Venue:              WeWork, 31 St James Ave, Boston, MA 02116 The era of centralized control over our electricity supply is approaching its end, with the growth of solar microgrids promising […]

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In Mumbai, Setting The Stage For Renewable Energy Revolution

Right now, there are still over 1 billion people in the world without access to electricity. In addition to large swaths of Sub Saharan Africa that remain off the grid, many of those 1 billion reside in India. This December, IIT Bombay will host an international workshop on “Decentralizing Solar Solutions: Attaining and Sustaining Electricity […]

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Op-Ed: Let’s Turn Solar Power Into Blockchain Power

Blockchain has made possible the creation of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin which have significant roles to play in the energy industry, especially the solar energy industry. Yet, an enormous amount of energy is used in the “mining” process of bitcoin. This amount keeps growing daily, and it calls for the need to explore alternative sources of […]

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