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Updating the grid to meet the challenges of the 21st century means going peer-to-peer. It’s high time consumers had a say in how their electricity is produced. And for producers, peer-to-peer power trading means enhanced returns on both residential- and commercial-scale renewable energy projects.

By decentralizing the flow of power, P2PConnect combines the potency of open markets with the mutual benefits of collective action. That's because at Power2Peer, we understand that making renewable energy more financially viable is the best chance we have at reducing carbon emissions and conserving the health of our planet.

P2PConnect Clean Energy Marketplace Vision

Powered by Blockchain

How does it work?

Power2Peer's vision with P2PConnect is to create a scalable blockchain-secured energy trading platform that will enable the purchase and sale of millions of clean energy kilowatts between peers. A minimum viable product (MVP) of the P2PConnect platform is near completion which will demonstrate the viability of the commercial product.

The P2PConnect platform consists of a mobile app where users register as producer, consumer, or both. All energy transactions are logged in the blockchain ledger. The Software-Defined Network Controller (SDNC) responds to a transaction by sending information to the microgrid, creating optimal connections to facilitate the transmission of power from clean energy sources to end-users.

P2PConnect is a free downloadable app that is designed to bring consumers clean energy at the best price by reducing the transmission and management costs of the kilowatts delivered. Customers will have access through the app to a ledger of all transactions on the blockchain as well as their billing and usage statistics.

It's time to bring the grid into the 21st century. You can learn more about the Power2Peer vision today by reading our white paper!

Core Platform for the Software Defined Network Controller (SDNC)

A team of engineers under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (ScD, MIT), founder and chief scientist of Power2Peer, has successfully demonstrated the efficacy of Power2Peer's Software Defined Network (SDN) controller platform.

This technology allows Power2Peer to control solar power generation systems remotely via cloud computing systems. Currently, control systems use software embedded in the hardware on site to control the flow of electricity. But with this latest innovation from the Power2Peer engineering team, power systems will be controlled with cloud-based architecture complete with battery back-up.

This is all accomplished through the cloud. The Software-Defined Network Controller makes intelligent decisions about which relays need to be activated to ensure electricity is available to each household. This kind of resilient solar power system is thus called a self-healing power system.


Buy and sell power in the marketplace using your mobile device. Never be without power; P2PConnect gives you access to clean, resilient energy sourced from your community. With the clean energy marketplace, many will even achieve 100% sustainability as prosumers.



At Power2Peer we're expanding the frontiers of renewable energy.


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P2PConnect™ is a free downloadable app that is designed to bring you clean energy at the best price by reducing the transmission and management costs of the kilowatts delivered.



Customers will have access through the app to a ledger of all transactions on the blockchain as well as their billing and usage statistics.

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About Us

Power2Peer Connect App

Power2Peer is leading the charge to a greener future. Founded in 2018 by veteran innovator Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (MIT), our diverse staff has decades of experience in clean energy innovation, software design, and systems management.

At Power2Peer, we understand that the stakes for innovation have never been higher. All of the data show that it is imperative that we curb carbon emissions substantially if we are to avoid catastrophic temperature increases. That’s why Dr. Sonwalkar and our team of experts developed a platform that makes it easier than ever for solar and other renewable energy sources to take hold of the market. By enhancing returns on capital investments in renewable energy while simultaneously reducing energy costs for consumers who opt into the clean energy marketplace, Power2Peer is providing a market-oriented solution to the looming climate crisis.

With the launch of a blockchain-secured peer-to-peer energy trading app, P2PConnect, we are making our clean energy marketplace vision into a reality.

Our Team

Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (ScD., MIT) fullsize
Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (ScD., MIT)
Founder, Chief Evangelist, and Director
Eric MacDonald fullsize
Eric MacDonald
Director of Technology
Binod Pant fullsize
Binod Pant
Software Engineer
Richard P. Lewandowski fullsize
Richard P. Lewandowski
Director of Microgrid Implementation
Mamta Sonwalkar fullsize
Mamta Sonwalkar
Director and VP of Operations
Swamini Shah fullsize
Swamini Shah
Manager of Finance and Administration
sean z fullsize
Sean Zorger
Lead Multimedia Developer
mike maloney
Mike Maloney
Communications and PR
Nick Rinehimer
Marketing Manager


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John Piret
Val Livada fullsize
Val Livada
Alistair Pim
Amitesh Singh

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