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2019: Year of the Roof-To-Cable Clean Energy Movement

January 02, 2019

Greentech Media recently published a year-end wrap up describing 2018 as the “year of 100 percent clean energy.” 2018 saw an increasing number of major American states committ to 100% clean energy goals. Most notably, these include California and New Jersey; meanwhile, the number of city governments committing to similar goals surpassed 100.

In their preview of trends to watch for in 2019, GTM also made reference to how on-site customer generation is thwarting utility company assumptions about continued load growth. Solar-plus-storage is one example where companies are being forced by regulators to scale back 15-year plans that rely heavily on new gas-fired plants to meet anticipated growth.

Power2Peer’s mobile app-supported energy trading platform complements both of these trends. The roof-to-cable energy movement is about maximizing efficiency at the local level to effect global change. By making better use of daytime rooftop solar generation, Power2Peer can help communities, cities, and states achieve sustainable energy sourcing goals. At the same time, with the assistance of battery storage, smarter solar usage confounds industry assumptions about peak load growth on which the perpetual expansion of nonrenewable generation is based. This means positive reinforcement for legislative action AND a real reduction in the demand for carbon-heavy energy.

Think of how the farm-to-table movement has revitalized local farming economies as chefs and consumers seek out the best ingredients sourced locally and sustainably. Power2Peer’s roof-to-cable trading platform is poised to spark a similar movement in energy. We believe that if consumers are given the option to conveniently buy energy from their neighbors, from local sources they know are clean and sustainable, the green energy movement can flourish like never before.

By investing in Power2Peer’s crowdfunding campaign, you can secure yourself a stake in the success of smarter renewable energy. Learn more about the Power2Peer mission here and join the green revolution today!

Invest now for a brighter tomorrow!

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