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Uganda in Dire Need of Clean Energy

December 24, 2018

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa.  The population of the country has now grown to over 42 million.  Over 28% of the population does not have electricity. Rural Uganda has no electrical grids; most people still use oil lamps for light.

Uganda does, however, have a significant amount of sunlight relative to other parts of the world: an average of seven hours per day. Being close to equator, there is not much seasonal variation in solar power.

Microgrids can help serve the 12+ million people in Uganda who do not have any electrical supply. With electricity these people will also gain internet access to provide communication and online education to help raise the country’s 78% literacy rate.

This is a worthy cause that Power2Peer feels compelled to take the lead on. Founder Dr. Nish Sonwalkar was recently invited by the IUEA to visit the city of Kampala, which has limited access to energy, as well as the surrounding villages, which have absolutely no electrical supply.

By deploying the advanced microgrid technology of Power2Peer, Dr. Sonwalkar is committed to helping East African nations get better access to both electricity and education with solar microgrids ranging from 100 kW to 1 MW power. Join us in our mission today and help make this goal a reality! By investing in Power2Peer, you will help the people of Uganda improve their quality of life while also securing yourself a stake in the future of clean energy development. Your contributions will help millions of East Africans light up their houses.

In addition to our StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign, we are also seeking funds from USAID to support the deployment of solar microgrids. Learn more about the Power2Peer initiative here and join the green energy revolution today!

Invest now for a brighter tomorrow!

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