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Corona Virus and Climate Change

March 10, 2020

According to Al Jazeera, “Several thousand took to the streets to protest Climate Change under Greta Thunberg in Brussels, last Friday.” The question is, why aren’t people and the government outraged or in a panic over climate change as they have with the spread of Corona Virus? Climate change has caused unprecedented destruction and deaths every year, and the attention it needs has been lacking. There has been a lot of talks but dismal action to climate change. The Philippines islands sinking, Ice caps melting, the Australian Wildfire, Severe droughts in the horn of Africa, 12 million displaced due to flooding and landslides in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, to name a few of the effects of the Climate Change. The media hasn’t covered the impact of Climate Change as they have covered the coronavirus.

Yes, in a short span of time, many innocent lives have been claimed over the virus. And it continues to be a threat. As anxieties are high, it is time to take a moment to ponder over what may affect our planet and people. How do we prepare for disasters or avoid disasters? Power2Peer is dedicating to making our planet greener in our small ways. The first step is creating a platform for the energy exchange. Please participate in this revolutionary effort through our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , and LinkedIn pages. If you have any questions, ask us.

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