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Graphic: the anatomy of a high-efficiency “green home”

July 11, 2019

These days, a growing priority for people shopping for or designing a home is achieving a smaller carbon footprint. While clean energy solutions such as solar panels provide a significant boost to any home’s sustainability (and the homeowner’s return on investment), many other design alternatives can add up in big ways to save both money and the environment in the long term.

Opting for tankless water heaters (Loc. 1) and low-flow water appliances (Loc. 2, 3) reduces water waste and utility bills.

The following graphic series illustrates a holistic approach to sustainable home design, from rooftop solar to smart home IoT control for enhanced energy efficiency. Whether it’s LED bulbs or low-flow water appliances for showerheads and toilets, being aware of these design solutions can net homeowners significant savings in conjunction with renewable energy.

Sustainable design considerations like rainwater barrels (Loc. 2), weatherproofing (Loc. 3), and native plant curation (Loc. 4), all complement the return of larger investments, such as solar panels (Loc. 1).

Reducing the amount of energy consumed by a single household is crucial to any macro-level conversation about the transition to more sustainable global energy supplies. Despite the lip-service it often receives, “efficiency” is a dirty word in the traditional energy industry. Far from being seen as a “solution” to shareholders, it poses a threat to the perpetual economic growth upon which elite capital speculation is founded. That’s why Power2Peer is disrupting the energy industry with the introduction of P2PConnect, a blockchain-secured clean energy marketplace.

Learn more Power2Peer’s mission to democratize the new generation of clean energy production here. With Power2Peer’s clean energy marketplace, savings from efficiency are passed on to consumers, while still providing revenue for producers of clean kilowatts.

To see the full infographic, courtesy of Esurance, click here.

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