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Power2Peer Named “Deal To Watch” By KingsCrowd

December 20, 2018

Power2Peer has been named a “Deal To Watch” by investment analytics agency KingsCrowd. This distinction is reserved for deals at the top 10-20% of KingsCrowd’s deal diligence funnel. The Boston-based startup was founded with the goal of providing “institutional grade research” and investment tools to an emerging class of equity crowdfunding investors.

Such investors are also the ones helping Power2Peer make a push to reach our goal of $100,000 raised. We are nearly two-thirds of the way there, so your investment will help tip the scale and get us to the next round. Of course, investing in Power2Peer today also ensures that you get in on the action before the next round.

Moreover, your investment in Power2Peer will provide not only the dividends due to an investor, but the dividend of a more sustainable future. Your participation in the Power2Peer equity crowdfunding campaign directly enables the development of solar microgrid infrastructure for a more efficient, more resilient, and more profitable solar microgrid system.

The Power2Peer Offer

By opting into the Power2Peer network, solar producers will no longer waste peak daytime energy, but will instead find local buyers for that power. Those buyers will then acquire clean energy at a lower cost, saving money while doing their part to save the planet. Such ground-up infrastructure is more resilient than depending on a centralized grid, which makes it ideal for communities susceptible to extreme weather.

Globally, those who lack access to any main grid, as do billions in India and Sub-Saharan Africa, will find both their homes and their local economies energized by solar microgrid projects. Power2Peer is committed to providing electrical access to millions of households currently in the dark. For areas that are both remote and extremely sunny—like much of rural India and Africa—there is fierce demand for sustainable energy projects that can raise the standard of living. With Power2Peer’s advanced solar microgrids, communities will be empowered to build resilient power infrastructure for the first time, all powered by the freely available energy of the sun.

Check out the KingsCrowd write-up here, then visit our StartEngine campaign to join the green energy revolution today!

This holiday season, give something to yourself by way of helping others. With your support, we can begin to undo the damage of fossil fuel consumption and preserve a healthy planet for our children. Invest in Power2Peer today, and give yourself the gift of a greener portfolio. Your return will consist not merely of dividends, but the priceless peace of mind that comes with doing your part to create a better and brighter world.

Invest now!

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