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Power2Peer: Building A Better World With Blockchain

March 01, 2018

Ushering in a new era of energy independence with decentralized microgrids

With the buzz surrounding blockchain reaching fever pitch over the past twelve months, many are rushing to catch up. Industry leaders are spending millions studying the potential applications of distributed ledgers. In every sector, entrepreneurs are hoping to spearhead the next great blockchain-enabled concept.

As things stand now, the solar industry is booming globally, but solar panels are still not cost effective enough to command widespread implementation without government subsidies. Combining blockchain technology with a scientific breakthrough in the process of photovoltaic absorption, Power2Peer promises to change that. By decentralizing the grid and maximizing efficiency, Power2Peer could cut payback periods for average solar panels by a third or more. For panels with a 25-year lifespan, this will mean an extra 6-7 of those years are spent generating income.

Blockchain-Enabled Superefficiency

Power2Peer is building a blockchain-secured marketplace where energy can be bought and sold by anyone. Rather than solar producers sending excess power back to the main grid, they will now be able to sell that energy to their neighbors. This turns solar runoff into income for producers and savings for the community.

Through partnership with SunDensity, the inventors of cutting edge Photonic Solar Conversion technology, Power2Peer microgrids will be endowed with the added benefit of superefficient solar panels, which boast an efficiency rate 20% better than average solar panels. Furthermore, this revolutionary technology can be retroactively applied to existing solar panels. No panel replacement necessary to reap the benefits.

By integrating smart contracts and smart microgrid controllers with the blockchain platform, nearly every part of this new energy economy will be automated. Because the microgrids can operate independently from the main grid, communities will also enjoy resilient backup energy when moments of extreme weather cause the main grid to fail.

Answering The Call

If the question of what to do about the failing health of our environment is one that will be left to the market, then Power2Peer is ready to answer that call. By bringing solar microgrid networks to the people, Power2Peer is ready to start empowering communities. With Power2Peer, people will gain the power to better utilize the freely available energy of the sun. Such a project will drastically reduce not only electrical expenses but the frequency of grid failures, vulnerability to extreme weather, and, most important, the massive carbon emissions that are now the primary drivers of climate change.

By taking a small fee from each transaction and for connecting microgrid networks, Power2Peer will demonstrate a sustainable business model in the hopes that others will follow. The incentive to achieve energy sustainability is financial as well as ecological.

Power2Peer is currently engaged in an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. So put your money to work in a way that will not only pay dividends, but provide a social impact as well. Join the microgrid revolution today. Together, we can build a sustainable tomorrow.

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