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Solar Houses

With the introduction of blockchain-enabled adaptive solar microgrid networks, Power2Peer is turning people on to a new era of energy consumption. Decentralized solar microgrid networks mean that when the central utility grid goes down, power is still available. With blockchain peer-to-peer trading, individuals and communities gain the independence to decide where their energy comes from and where excess solar energy goes, all through the automation of smart contracts. This new energy ecosystem provides economic opportunity not only in the form of decreased energy costs and increased income, but also through the construction and maintenance of infrastructure necessary for capturing and transacting solar power. The end result will be a green energy economy where the decrease of carbon emissions is inherently incentivized, rather than cost prohibitive.

Power2Peer’s intention is to provide an alternative to the main electrical supply grid by enabling localized microgrids powered by solar panels.  No longer will people be completely dependent on a centralized grid operated by large corporations. Thanks to Regulation CF crowdfunding, now anyone can invest and help achieve a more efficient grid for all. Power2Peer is currently conducting an equity crowdfunding campaign via StartEngine.

Benefits to Consumer, Community, Grid and Society

Both investors and energy consumers alike stand to profit from the proliferation of Power2Peer’s adaptive solar microgrid technology. By making more efficient use of solar energy collected during the day, Power2Peer offers panel owners additional income, while offering consumers a cheaper source of electricity. This in turn incentivizes the expansion of solar production by shortening payback periods.

In addition to saving money for producers and consumers, microgrids offer more reliable energy than the traditional grid, which is prone to longer outages and downtimes following extreme weather. By utilizing more of the freely available solar energy, microgrids improve the efficacy of the main grid by defraying demand. Moreover, the proliferation of solar energy slows the burning of fossil fuels that contribute carbon to the atmosphere, and is our best option for escaping the current trajectory of our imperiled climate.

By investing in Power2Peer through the StartEngine crowdfunding equity campaign, you can seize an opportunity to fund technology that will save people money, incentivize the adoption of solar, and reduce carbon emissions.

The Technology

Power2Peer uses a blockchain framework with solar panels providing power data via microinverter IoT sensors. Power generation data is sent to a cloud-based analytics engine. The analytics engine feeds into a software-defined adaptive controller connected to solar microgrids. Based on information from the engine, the adaptive controller manages resilient power flow and enables peer-to-peer energy trading.

In partnership with SunDensity, Power2Peer will also implement the latest in solar panel efficiency. With SunDensity, Dr. Sonwalkar has developed a solar panel coating which boosts efficiency by 20+%. This previously unheard of efficiency gain will further reduce the payback period for solar panel owners and lower the cost of energy for consumers.

Factors in Favor of Power2Peer’s Success

  • The markets for solar and microgrids are growing. The rise of the sharing economy has ignited interest in the idea of “energy sharing”.  Using new technologies like blockchain, innovators are creating opportunities for consumers to take control.
  • Power2Peer’s network of microgrids and energy trading market energizes and connects communities with a shared purpose – making better use of local resources.
  • A unique combination of a fit-for-purpose adaptive controller, micro-inverters, and analytics paired with blockchain enables trading and fail-safe operations.
  • The architecture of the adaptive solar microgrid system is enabled, from the beginning, for the scale-up of microgrid adoption.


This is an ideal time to become actively involved in how electricity is generated and delivered.  By investing in Power2Peer, buyers will have an opportunity to support energy independence, decrease carbon emissions and strengthen the resilience of the grid. Check out the Power2Peer equity sale on StartEngine and join the green energy revolution!

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