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Social distancing working: What is the P2P connect advantage?

March 24, 2020

Social distancing is slowly becoming a new norm. At Power2Peer, we continue to work on our P2P connect project. With more determination and belief that the planet needs a sustainable exchange of energy now.

The P2PConnect Blockchain Platform brings clean energy producers and consumers communities together through secure blockchain platform technology. Consumers will have a choice. At present, consumers can only buy energy from a single energy provider that dictates the price. Consumers don’t have many options at present. If you look at your bill, you are not only paying for the energy but also other charges such as delivery fees and administrative fees. They are hence making energy costly and, in many families, almost unaffordable.

Microgrids, including wind farms, solar microgrids, utility-scale power plants, geothermal power plants, etc., will allow the dynamic allocation of mixed clean energy resources to meet the growing demands of energy at more competitive pricing.

Therefore, the P2P connect app is powerful. By signing up for the app , we are creating a mass of interested consumers that can directly negotiate the source of energy. It is revolutionary in the energy market sector. Please follow us for more updates and see how you can join the advantage marketplace.

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