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FAQ: What Is An Equity Crowdfunding Campaign?

August 27, 2018

As you may be aware, Power2Peer is currently conducting an equity crowdfunding campaign via StartEngine. But what exactly is a “crowdfunding campaign,” and how does it differ from other forms of fundraising?

In 2016, the SEC began allowing non-accredited investors to invest in companies for equity. An equity crowdfunding campaign allows a company to offer private company securities to investors. As opposed to donation-based crowdsourcing campaigns, equity crowdfunding campaigns actually offer investors real shares of the company in exchange for their investment.

So, in addition to financially supporting the company you invest in, you are also buying a piece of that company. The more you invest, the more shares you own. By investing in Power2Peer, you will not only help the company to achieve its goals, but you too will become a beneficiary of that achievement.

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