Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (ScD., MIT) fullsize

Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (ScD., MIT)

Co-founder and Technology Advisor

Inventor and Entrepreneur, has over 25 years of experience in the development of innovative technologies related to solar thermal applications, open-cycle ocean thermal energy conversion (OC-OTEC) evaporators and molecular dynamics of energy materials and nano-interfaces, such as Si and copper interfaces and optical coatings. As the former Principal Research Scientist and faculty at MIT, he developed the combined molecular dynamics (MD) and laser Raman spectroscopy methodology for the design of new material interfaces. He has also served as PI on numerous NSF research and SBIR awards related to surface science and educational technology.

Positions held:

Founder and Chief Evangelist, Power2Peer, Inc. –
January 2018 to Present (8-10 hours/week),
Founder and Chief Scientist, SunDensity, Inc. – March 2016 to Present,
Founder and President, IntellADAPT – June 2014 to Present (primary job)