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Blockchain Finds Problem to Solve: Energy Distribution

With the explosion of buzz surrounding blockchain ledger platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the boom of blockchain ICOs over the past several years, there has been much discussion about the viable applications of cryptocurrency. Skeptics have described blockchain as an elegant solution in search of a problem. But as various sectors of industry […]

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Era of Energy Independence with Power2Peer

With the introduction of blockchain-enabled adaptive solar microgrid networks, Power2Peer is turning people on to a new era of energy consumption. Decentralized solar microgrid networks mean that when the central utility grid goes down, power is still available. With blockchain peer-to-peer trading, individuals and communities will gain the independence to decide where their energy comes […]

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Technological Overview of Photonic Solar Conversion and Blockchain-Enabled Adaptive Solar Microgrid System

Overview of Innovation: Most industry research to date has focused on improving the efficiency of silicon-based solar cells while reducing costs. Less attention has been paid to the possibility of conditioning the solar spectrum falling on the p-n junction which is the basis for electric power generation. With Photonic Solar Conversion (PSC) technology, the focus […]

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